Summer Start-Up Business Boot Camp July 2013

May 16

Got an idea? Want to work for yourself? Give it a go!

It’s easier than you think and there’s plenty of support.

Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd July 2013

Summer Start-Up Business Boot Camp 2013

The Trough of Bowland Bar, Bowland College, Lancaster University

What can I expect?

The Start-up boot camp aimed at EU students, staff and alumni and is run over two jam-packed days. There will be interactive workshops, guest speakers sharing their experiences and opportunities to network with other like-minded individuals. If you have a business idea but don’t know what to do about it, have a business plan but don’t know what to do next or just want to find out more about the exciting opportunity of working for yourself then get involved!

There will be opportunities to share ideas and network with budding entrepreneurs, business support experts and professional trainers who can help you to develop your ideas and investigate the resources and structures to build your business on firm foundations.

“A really good all round introduction to starting your own business. Accessible, friendly and informative delivery. I  would definitely recommend to others.”

The programme is FREE, so it can’t hurt to come along. It is aimed at individuals that have a business idea already but even if you decide starting a business isn’t right for you, you’ll still have met some really useful people and have a better understanding of what setting up or working in a small business is all about.

For more information and to register for the event visit:

Feedback on Past Boot Camps

“Really enjoyed past 2 days with the team. It has been a very good experience, learned a lot, enjoyed a lot and met many new people. Looking forward to put all the knowledge I learnt into practice.”


“I really enjoyed the two days and learnt a lot. I am so glad this event took place when I was a student here. Thanks for the organisation.”


“A great 2 days, covering some key fundamentals of business. The sales session was especially good and was genuinely the best hour long session I’ve gone to. Would recommend it to anyone interested in Entrepreneurship/ intrapreneurship. Cheers.”


“The two days have been fantastic and was very pleased to have attended. I would recommend to anyone who either has a business idea or thinking of developing a social enterprise to learn new things and begin networking with like-minded individuals. Thanks!”


“This programme has been very insightful and I got to learn a lot and share ideas with other entrepreneurial individuals. The speakers were all very informative and they gave important information about entrepreneurship and how to get funding in depth. And the dinner buffet was awesome!! I wish this kind of event will be organised more regularly so that I can get more inspiration.”


“The boot camp experience is the best way to build and develop entrepreneurial skills thanks to the useful workshops delivered by the team. Everyone was really professional and full of knowledge between the start-up sector. It helped me to increase the network and to develop my ideas.”


“Great event. Really helped me to make my idea more concrete and to start planning for my taking the next steps in setting up my business.”


“Great fun. Unexpected! Challenge assumptions and identify them. Charged up!”

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