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Tutor Pack

"Making the Most of the Experience Abroad, a Tutor Pack aimed at Helping Students Improve the Quality of their Experience Abroad".

Developed by Peter Hawkins, Val Butcher and Paul Jackson of the Teaching & Learning Support Unit, University of Leeds.

The pack is designed to enable tutors to encourage the setting of clear objectives before students embark study or work abroad.  It has been piloted across a wide range of disciplines in a number of universities in the UK

Material in the pack includes session plans, tutor notes for suggested sessions, accompanying OHT slides, support material for photocopying, and a card sort that helps individuals define what they want from their time abroad, identify the opportunities for learning within their time abroad, and helps them prepare for the experience.

The material can be used in a number of ways:

  • general preparation for a time abroad

  • a basis for recording and assessing achievement / work based learning whilst abroad

  • a basis for a student's personal, academic and career development

  • a basis for debriefing students on return

A tutor's guide contains material for support sessions that can be offered separately or as a single half-day workshop and delivered either to individuals or groups sessions.  The sessions could also be adapted to a number of client groups such as Pre-HE students, Adults and Employee Mobility programmes.

Available from 

Centre for Language Study
Leeds Metropolitan University
Beckett Park Campus
Leeds LS6 3QS

Tel: 0113 283 7440     Fax 0113 174 5966