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Dept of European Languages and Cultures, Lancaster University


Oxford Brookes LARA Project

Portsmouth Residence Abroad Project

Residence Abroad Matters


NRAD (National Residence Abroad Database)


FDTL languages

Other FDTL Projects:

Transferable skills, autonomous learning for non-specialists

Independent language learning


Central Bureau for Educational Visits and Exchanges

Tandem learning


INCA Project (Intercultural Competence Assessment)


The International Association for Languages and

Intercultural Communication 


The Division for Instructional & Developmental

Communication at ICA 


Project IDEELS

Project members develop, test, evaluate and implement simulation scenarios, mathematical models, a software platform and supporting materials to provide a cost-effective, readily-accessible environment in which Europeans can learn and work across cultural as well as geographical boundaries.

Centre for Language Study

Centre for Language Study 
Leeds Metropolitan University
Beckett Park Campus
Leeds LS6 3QS
Tel 0113 283 78440  Fax 0113 274 5966