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CONTENTS: Volume 3:1
Peter Happé Sedition in King Johan: Bale’s Development of a ‘Vice’ 3–6
Meg Twycross & Sarah Carpenter Masks in Medieval English Theatre 7–44
David Mills Stage Directions in the MSS of the Chester Mystery Cycle 45–51
Avril Henry Wisdom at Winchester Cathedral, 21–23 May 1981 (review) 53–55
David Mills The Castle of Perseverance at Manchester, 29 April–2 May 1981 (review) 55–56
Philip S. Cook Crown of Thorns — Compiled from the English Mystery Plays, March–April 1981 (review) 57–58
Pamela M. King & Jacqueline Wright The Poculi Ludique Societas of Toronto in England: Mankind at York, 4 May 1981 (review) 58–60
Lynette Muir The PLS in Leeds, 3 May 1981 (The Stolen Shrovetide Cock, Robin Hood and the Friar, Murder of Abel, Tom Tyler (review) 60–61
Janet Cowen & Richard Proudfoot Tom Tiler and his Wife at Bedford College, London, 7 May 1981 (review) 61–63
Directory 63–64
CONTENTS: Volume 3:2
John Anderson The Newcastle Dragon 67–68
Meg Twycross & Sarah Carpenter Masks in Medieval English Theatre (2) 69–113
Eileen White The St. George Celebrations in York 114–121
Meg Twycross The Toronto Passion Play, Toronto 1–3 August 1981 (review) 122–131
Bill Tydeman N. Town Plays at Lincoln 22 June–4 July 1981 (review) 131–134
David Mills Coventry Plays, 4–22 August 1981 (review) 134–136

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