Also published as Evil on the Medieval Stage

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André Lascombes De la fonction théâtrale des personnages du Mal (Le Jeu de la Ville de N. et Le Château de Persévérance) 11–25
John Brown The Devils in the York Doomsday 26–41
Peter Happé The Devil in the Interludes, 1550–1577 43–56
Hans-Jurgen Diller The Torturers in the English mystery plays 57–65
Marco Piccat The figure of Antichrist in a 16th-century Italian mystery play: Lo Judicio de la Fine del Mondo 66–84
Cecilia Pietropoli The characterisation of Evil in the Towneley Plays 85–93
Alexandra F. Johnston Evil in the Towneley Cycle 94–103
Hélène Charpentier Le mal, sa représentation et sa rétribution dans Le mystère du Viel Testament 104–115
Roberta Mullini Action and discourse in the Harrowing of Hell: the defeat of Evil 116–128
Geoff Lester Idle words: stereotyping by language in the English mystery plays 129–139
Rosemary E. Chaplan ‘Farewell, jentyll Jaffrey’: speech-act theory and Mankind 140–149
Garrett P.J. Epp Passion, pomp, and parody: alliteration in the York Plays 150–161
Andrew Taylor ‘To pley a pagyn of þe devyl’: turpiloquium and the scurrae in early drama 162–174
Henk Gras The Ludus de Decem Virginibus and the reception of represented Evil 175–186

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