Subscription enquiries should be sent to:
       Mrs Olga Horner, Medieval English Theatre, c/o Department of English and Creative Writing, Lancaster University,
               LANCASTER LA1 4YD, UK: e-mail  o.horner@lancaster.ac.uk

Alan Stewart ‘Ydolatricall Sodometrye’: John Bale’s Allegory 3–20
John Scattergood Skelton’s Magnyfycence and the Tudor Royal Household 21–48
Olga Horner Fulgens and Lucres: An Historical Perspective 49–86
Pamela M. King Minority Plays: Two Interludes for Edward VI 87–102
Pamela M. King Corpus Christi, Valencia 103–110
David Mills The 1951 and 1952 Revivals of the Chester Plays 111–123
David Mills ‘Reviving the Chester Plays’: A Postscript 124–125
Philip Butterworth Hugh Platte’s Collapsible Waggon 126–136

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