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John J. McGavin Introduction 3–4
Graham Runnalls Records of Early French Drama: Archival Research on Medieval French Theatre 5–19
Jane Cowling The Wood Eaves 20–28
Chris Humphrey ‘To Make a New King’: Seasonal Drama and Local Politics in Norwich, 1443 29–41
Greg Walker A Broken REED?: Early Drama Records, Politics, and the Old Historicism 42–51
Pamela M. King Records of Early English Drama: Reflections of a Hardened User 52–57
David Mills Music and Musicians in Chester: a Summary Account 58–75
Peter Greenfield Using Dramatic Records: History, Theory, Southampton’s Musicians 76–95
Meg Twycross The York Mercers’ Lewent Brede and the Hanseatic Trade 96–119
Diana Wyatt REED and the Oxford English Dictionary 120–131
Pamela M. King & Meg Twycross Beyond REED? The York Doomsday Project 132–148
Books Received 149–150
Cumulative Index 1979–1995 151–162

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