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               LANCASTER LA1 4YD, UK: e-mail  o.horner@lancaster.ac.uk

Sarah Carpenter The Sixteenth-Century Court Audience: Performers and Spectator 3–14
Alan E. Knight The Roman ‘Saint’s Plays’ of Lille 15–25
Gordon Kipling Theatre as Subject and Object in Fouquet’s ‘Martyrdom of St Apollonia’ 26–80
Graham Runnalls Jean Fouquet’s ‘Martyrdom of St Apollonia’ and the Medieval French Stage 81–100
Gordon Kipling Fouquet, St Apollonia, and the Motives of the Miniaturist’s Art: A Reply to Graham Runnalls 101–120
Bob Potter The York Plays: University of Toronto, 20 June 1998 (review) 121–128
Joel Kaplan Staging the York Creation and Hortulanus: Toronto 1998 129–143
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