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Summaries of articles are now becoming available: see links below.

Margaret Rogerson Rediscovering Richard Eurich's ‘York Festival Triptych’ 3 – 16
Anu Mänd Devils of Baltic Towns in the Context of Late-Medieval German Tradition 17 - 33
Olga Horner The Law That Never Was: A Review of Theatrical Censorship in Britain     Summary 34 - 96
Henk Gras Theatre by the Book? Some Thoughts on Kipling's Fouquet 97 - 99
Meg Twycross with Malcolm Jones & Alan Fletcher ‘Fart Pryke in Cule’: The Pictures 100 - 121
Philip Butterworth Prompting in Full View of the Audience: The Groningen Experiment   Summary 122 - 171
  Books Received & Apology 172

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