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Elsa Strietman
& Peter Happé
Three Dutch Rhetoricians Plays, with facing-page translation      
  Introduction     3 – 8
  Van die Becooringe des Duvels hoe hi Christus becoorden
The Temptation by the Devil, how he tempted Christ.   
9 – 61
  Het spel van de V vroede ende van de V dwaeze Maegden
The Play of the Five Wise and the Five Foolish Virgins    
63 – 117
  Tspeel van Susanna
The Play of Susanna.                         
119 – 186
This volume of Medieval English Theatre consists of three Dutch Rhetoricians plays. It is published simultaneously as Volume One: Three Biblical Plays [ISBN 086386 0133] of a two-volume edition and translation entitled For Pleasure and Profit: Six Dutch Rhetoricians Plays by Elsa Strietman and Peter Happé. Volume Two, which will be published and can be purchased separately (but not as a METh volume), contains three classical plays, Hue Mars ende Venus tsaemen bueleerden (‘How Mars and Venus dallied together’), and two versions of the Pyramus and Thisbe story, one from Haarlem and one from Antwerp: Een spel van sinnen van de historie van Piramus en Thisbe genaempt de Sinnelijcke Genegentheyt (‘A Moral Play of the History of Pyramus and Thisbe also known as The Play of Sensual Appetite’) and Pyramus ende Thisbe.

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