According to the Ancient Custom


Essays presented to David Mills, Part Two


edited Phil Butterworth, Pamela M. King,& Meg Twycross

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Alexandra F. Johnston ‘And how the state will beare with it, I knowe not’     Summary and sample PDF page 3 – 25
Diana Wyatt The Untimely Disappearance of the Beverley Cycle: what the records can and can’t tell us Summary and sample PDF page 26 – 38
James M. Gibson Royal Visits and Civic Ceremony: A Research Opportunity     Summary and sample PDF page 39 – 44
John McGavin Alliterative Place Name Lists in Early Drama     Summary and sample PDF page 45 – 62
David Klausner Staging the Unstageable: Performing the Crucifixion in Late Medieval and Early Modern England     Summary and sample PDF page 63 – 80
Lawrence M. Clopper The Chester and the Other English Shepherds’ Plays     Summary and sample PDF page 81 – 98
Phil Butterworth Parts and Parcels: Cueing Conventions for the English Medieval Player     Summary and sample PDF page 99 – 120
Elsa Strietman Biblical Plays in the Low Countries     Summary and sample PDF page 121 – 136

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Volume Thirty (2008)

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