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        Mrs Olga Horner, c/o Medieval English Theatre, Department of English and Creative Writing, Lancaster University, LANCASTER LA1 4YD, UK.   E-mail: o.horner@lancaster.ac.uk

Sarah Carpenter New Evidence: Vives and Audience-Response to Biblical Drama     Summary and sample PDF page 3 – 12
Eleanor Rycroft The Play of The Weather in Performance in the Great Hall at Hampton Court Summary and sample PDF page 13 – 27
Charlotte Steenbrugge ‘O, yowr louely wordys’: Latin and Latinate Diction in Mankind     Summary and sample PDF page 28 – 57
David Mills No Place Like Home: The Northampton ‘Abraham and Isaac’ Play, a Re-Appraisal     Summary and sample PDF page 58 – 71
Alexandra F. Johnston Touring Players in the Early Years of Elizabeth: What were they Playing?     Summary and sample PDF page 72 – 88
Matthew Sergi Festive Piety: Staging Food and Drink at Chester     Summary and sample PDF page 89 – 136

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Volume Thirty-One (2009)

Price £12     plus P&P:     UK £1.50     EUR £3.30     OS £5.50

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