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James McBain The Vice’s missing book in Heywood’s Play of Love     Summary and sample PDF page 3 – 18
Charlotte Steenbrugge Books of Accounts in Everyman and Elckerlijc Summary and sample PDF page 19 – 44
Pamela M. King Texts in Plays: the case of Mankynde     Summary and sample PDF page 45 – 57
Sarah Carpenter Verity’s Bible: books, texts and reading in Ane Satyre of the Thrie Estaitis     Summary and sample PDF page 58 – 74
Meg Twycross ‘Say thy lesson, fool’: Idleness tries to teach Ignorance to read (Part One)     Summary and sample PDF page 75 – 121
Max Harris Composing Music for the Feast of Fools: the case of the Kyrie Asini     Summary and sample PDF page 122 – 134

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 Volume Thirty-Three (2011)

Price £15     plus £1.50 P&P: OS £20 plus £5.50 P&P

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