Elizabeth Eastlake

Elizabeth Eastlake, née Rigby (1809-1893). Writer, linguist and art historian. Contributed article on Goethe to Foreign Quarterly Review in 1836. A regular contributor to the Quarterly Review from 1842, she translated Waagen's Treasures of Art in Great Britain into English (1854-57). She married Charles Lock Eastlake in 1849, and was a friend of Effie Ruskin from 1850 (see Trevelyan, A Pre-Raphaelite Circle, p. 56). Elizabeth Eastlake's hostile review of the first, second and third volumes of Modern Painters, published in the Quarterly Review, March 1856, could have been prompted by personal motives. Ruskin had attacked paintings by her husband, Charles Eastlake, in Academy Notes, 1855.