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Ajuga (sic.) 1882
Pencil, watercolour and bodycolour
11.5 x 16.5 cm

Inscribed in pencil: Ajuga repens / (Sub invocatione Sancti Cergui !) / 5th Sept. 1882. JR.
(RF 1107)

The inscription shows that this was drawn on the day after the study of Gentians at Les Rousses in Switzerland; the diary notebook for 1882 (RF MS 23, cat. no. 28) includes a list containing the entry ―24. Ajuga, a mountain form of my strange white one, drawn in small book Q. ajuga repens.‖ St. Cergues is an Alpine village often visited by Ruskin.
Ruskin clearly mis-identified this plant for the delicate watercolour depicts Mountain Germander (Teucrium montanum L.; Deadnettle family – Lamiaceae), that occurs on dry screes and dry, calcarious pastures in the Alps.

This entry was researched and written by Professor David Ingram.


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