Complete Registration

This is the final stage in the process of becoming an official member of the University for campus learners.

When and where to register

What you need to bring

1. Proof of funding

2. Proof of identity

Student Finance payments

If you are receiving a Student Loan from Student Finance, the University will confirm your registration to them to release payment to you after you have registered in person with the University. Payment should be visible in your nominated account after 3-5 working days after confirmation. If you have requested a tuition fee loan, this is paid directly to the University in three instalments (one per term). Payments are made following confirmation of your attendance at the beginning of each term.

Payment of the loans from Student Finance can only be made if you have returned your declaration, so please ensure you have signed and posted this form back to Student Finance prior to travelling to Lancaster. If you are unsure whether you have returned the declaration, this will be reflected on your checklist in your online account with Student Finance.

And if you will arrive after registration...

Please go to the Base as soon as you can to complete the process.