Registration is stage two of the student registration process, and is the final step in officially becoming a Lancaster University student. 

Registration is the process of confirming the pre-registration process and fully registering you as a member of the university.  As well as registering with the University you will have your picture taken, and collect your university card here.

Please take the following with you:

  • Identification: Your Passport or two of the following: Driving Licence, National Insurance Card, Bank Documentation, Credit Card.
  • Proof of Funding: Your University or College Payment Advice form from Student Finance (UK Students Only) or proof from another sponsor.
  • Payment towards your Tuition Fees: This applies to international students and any UK/EU students paying their own tuition fees

For Undergraduates, registration takes place in the LICA building, and is organised in surname order by college. To find out the date and time of your registration session see the main timetable in the Welcome Week Guide. Undergraduates will register, along with the rest of their college, the day after they arrive. If you arrive on the Saturday you will register on Sunday, if you arrive on the Sunday you will register on the Monday.

For Postgraduates, registration takes place in the LICA building, and is organised by scheme of study. To find out the exact time of your registration session look at the online timetable.

Postgraduates Full Time Distance Learners
The registration procedure varies between departments. Your department can advise you about how to register.

If you plan to arrive late or will not be able to attend your assigned registration session, you should visit The Base to complete the process when you arrive. 


Extras for International Students

In order to register international students must bring their:

  • Passport
  • Visa or Biometric Residence Permit 
  • ATAS Certificate (where applicable)
  • Academic qualifications

Certain foreign nationals must register with the police within seven days of arrival. If this applies to you, it will take place during the main registration session. You will need to bring a passport sized photograph and £34 in cash with you. Full details can be found online here: Police Registration - International Services