Before You Arrive

Before You Arrive

There are a number of important things you should do before you get to Lancaster.

Use the Before You Arrive Checklist to make sure you don't forget anything.

Before You Arrive ‌‌

Before you arrive you should have sorted out Fees Payment, applied for Accommodation and College and completed your Pre-registration. See the side bar for more details.

You should also download the iLancaster app and plan your journey. More details on these are below. 


If you have a smart phone, you can install iLancaster, the University's free mobile app. The app features the Freshers' Guide, amongst other things, so that you can get information on the move to help you through you first couple of weeks at Lancaster. If you install the app after pre-registering, you can log in as a 'Student/Staff User' using your university account details, and access the full set of iLancaster features. 

The iLancaster app also includes all of our welcome checklists, allowing you to keep track of the things you need to do before arriving, on arrival, and during Welcome Week. The iLancaster web page has more information. 

The app can be found by searching on your smartphone's app store, or by clicking the iLancaster logo to the side. 

Plan your journey

You need to plan how and when you will be travelling to the University, we have provided information on how to get to the University campus on our Maps and Travel page.

If you are an international student you can also make use of our Airport Collection Service, depending on the date of your arrival.