Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) support

The EPQ programme provides LU early career researchers (ECRs) the opportunity to act as research advisors to EPQ students from SLF schools, through face-to-face meetings and online discussions.

ECRs use their first hand research experience to guide students through their research projects, giving advice on resources, planning, how to frame a research project and to help with specific queries students have.

Check out the video in the sidebar and the below news article for more information on EPQ and the support offered by LU researchers.


In 2014 17 ECRs from across Lancaster University supported 21 EPQ students from QES school

In 2014-2015 19 ECRs from across Lancaster University supported 120 EPQ students from QES and Kirkbie Kendal schools


We are currently developing a new EPQ support programme, if you are interested in being involved please contact us on outreach@lancaster.ac.uk or +44 (0)1524 592968.