Design in a Box

A web based Box to engage students in exploring their material world and the meaning, values and intents embedded in designed products, services and their interactions. .


Design in a Box is about the values that lie behind the choice designers make every day in their work.

Our world is made up of millions of designed objects and systems; from houses, to cars, to mobile phones, to road networks and cities. Designers have great freedom to decide how these things should be, and so the values and beliefs they hold have a huge effect on the world.

Here at Lancaster we believe that in the future designers will need to work in new ways, and think about more than how a product looks or works. We’ve created this box to help students from KS3 onwards think about the values behind designed things.

In the box website you’ll find a short animated film intended for students aged 10 or above, accompanied by adaptable lesson plans and teaching resources. The film and the materials in the box introduce a framework called the Quadruple Bottom Line. Educators and students can use this framework to drill into the values behind designed things. These resources are designed to complement existing curricula and design teaching in secondary education, preparing students for the demands and complexity of designing in the future.

Design in a Box.