'Moot Court in a Box'

All the gowns and props needed to run your own ‘moot’ (House of Lords/Appeal Court mock trial) in a Box. With broad scope to cover many different areas of the curriculum ‘Moot Court in a Box’ can be used in PSHE, General Studies or EPQ classes.

‘Moot Court in a Box’ Outcomes

  1. Development of public speaking skills and confidence
  2. Development of skills of critical analysis
  3. Development of advocacy skills and ability to structure an argument
  4. Development of research skills

‘Mooting’ and the running of a ‘mock trial’ allows students to examine legal issues, historical issues and current affairs through the lens of a courtroom argument. Students are encouraged to structure their arguments and to prepare counter arguments for the opposition. There is an emphasis on clear reasoning and the presentation of accurate evidence to support a claim. In a moot argument, a range of evidence could be included. This might be academic debate, historical evidence or contemporary opinions. Possible uses might be:

  • To examine the career of a historical figure by arguing whether or not they should be charged with a crime.
  • To argue whether a new technology should be unleashed on society.
  • To structure debate around a moral dilemma.