PCR in a Box



Designed for A-Level Biology students ‘PCR in a Box’ contains all the high-tech equipment needed to perform a PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) and gel electrophoresis used in gene sequencing in a Box.

‘PCR in a Box’ outcomes

  1. Teachers are able to teach the use of PCR and to practically demonstrate the use of a PCR machine and gel electrophoresis
  2. Engagement of students and teachers with active researchers resulting in knowledge of the research process and an understanding of how science and scientists work.
  3. Practical skill development of students and teachers ie use of a micropipette.

'PCR in a Box' is a physical Box that is made up of 4 plastic crates containing all of the equipment.

We have a few different choices of ‘starting point’ for the kit; 1. Arabidopsis seeds provided, 2. DNA extracts provided, 3. PCR samples provided.  


For more information or to request a booking please email researchinabox@lancaster.ac.uk