Radicalisation engagement in a Box

Students have the opportunity to discuss anti-radicalisation through role plays and debates with ‘Radicalisation engagement in a Box’. This Box would be great students wanting to study Politics and citizenship.

Radicalisation is one of the most significant threats to face young people today. While many assume that only disadvantaged members of ethnic minorities are at risk, the evidence suggests that people from all backgrounds can be drawn to violent extremist movements. 

This research in a box contains teaching resources developed as part of Lancaster University’s Politics and International Relations programme of outreach and the work of The Richardson Institute, Britain’s oldest Peace and Conflict research centre. It uses the case of conflict involving ISIS in the Middle East to enable students to engage with the international issue of radicalisation, before considering local responses to extremism in a range of contexts. 

The ‘box’ contains a series of electronic resources, including PowerPoint decks with embedded videos
and PDF guides intended to enable teachers to run a university-style three week module on the subject. The materials are reliable, coherent resources which support active learning activities, including a role paly, capable of introducing students to core issues of relevance in studies of radicalisation. 


  1. Increased capacity for teachers to raise and facilitate examination of the topic
  2. Increased awareness among teachers and students of university level research and teaching methods
  3. Increased awareness among teachers and students of the causes of radicalisation
  4. Increased awareness among students (who are vulnerable to radicalisation) of the need to discuss and examine these issues safely

The materials are hosted on Lancaster University’s designated Radicalisation Engagement Open
Learning site