Programme Re-approval Process

Programme re-approval is curriculum and assessment mapping, which evidences the extent to which the cumulative effect of revisions to a programme over time may have undermined the integrity of the programme as specified in the programme learning outcomes.

Supported by the faculty Quality Assurance and Enhancement Manager, programme teams update curriculum and assessment maps to make an initial determination if a programme remains structurally sound and aligned to the defined programme learning outcomes. An analysis of programme related data from the previous 5 years is undertaken to consider the performance of the programme over time. A Faculty Re-approval Checklist records the findings of the mapping and data analysis exercise, indicators of the programme’s currency, sustainability and the student experience.

Once the checklist has been completed it is submitted to Faculty Teaching Committee to determine if the programme can, and should, be re-approved for a further 5 years. Faculty Teaching Committee may also refer the programme back to the programme team for amendments to be completed before re-approval is granted, or (where evidence supports) recommend the programme for laydown.

In the first instance, programmes have been scheduled for re-approval based on the date of the last departmental Periodic Quality Review. If you should have any questions relating to programme re-approval or the schedule, please contact either your Faculty QAEM or ASQ directly.