University & Faculty Committees Responsible for Learning, Teaching & Assessment

Committees responsible for learning, teaching and assessment (LTA) are located at both University and Faculty level.

University committees

The following Senate sub-committees are the principal LTA committees:-

Academic Standards and Quality Committee (ASQC)

ASQC has overall responsibility for standards and quality assurance and enhancement matters. This includes responsibility for the academic regulations and procedures. Any regulatory changes are considered by the Standing Committee on Academic Regulations (SCAR) before being recommended for approval by ASQC.

Collaborative Provision Oversight Committee (CPOC)

CPOC has responsibility for the oversight of all collaborative teaching partnership provision. Individual Partnership Management Groups report to CPOC. The Collaborative Provision Teaching Committee (CPTC), which is a sub-committee of CPOC, has responsibility for non-faculty based provision delivered through collaborative teaching partnerships.

Faculty committees

Each faculty has teaching committees responsible for learning, teaching and assessment matters in the faculty at undergraduate and postgraduate level with departmental representation. The faculty constitutions detail the membership and terms of reference for these committees.