Annual Programme Review (APR)

Cognate subject areas have been defined for which data packs are produced each year which programme teams use to inform a discussion of performance and the student experience, highlighting areas for celebration or concern, and informing action plans for future years.

The APR questions are intended to prompt a reflective conversation about programmes with a focus on enhancement. Questions are grouped into 3 categories; specified, enacted, experienced. They cover a number of key areas such as the currency of programme content and documentation, the experience of delivery by the programme team, availability and suitability of resources, and feedback and performance data. Further supplementary guidance is available for each question to help with programme teams’ discussions.

Reports for cognate subject areas are prepared collaboratively by the programme team to ensure a holistic picture of the experience of delivering and studying on the programmes is captured. Once completed, each report is submitted first to the administrating department and then to Faculty Teaching Committee for discussion. A summary Faculty Report is then prepared highlighting emerging themes, areas for concern, and practice to be disseminated more widely. Faculty Reports are then considered by Academic Standards and Quality Committee which uses this information to inform an annual institutional review of academic quality and standards.

ITPs (LU Ghana, LUC@BJTU, and Sunway) undergo the same APR process, with the exception of EMBA which is managed through LUMS irrespective of delivery location. RTPs (Blackburn and Blackpool Colleges) have a separate annual review process which they follow.

The available guidance documents and templates for the Annual Programme Review process are:

If you should have any questions relating to APR, please contact either your Faculty QAEM or ASQ directly.