Other University systems and applications


Existing systems

Systems and applications that provide access to services via the web and were launched before 23rd September 2018 should be accessible by 23rd September 2020.

New systems

New systems (launched 23rd September 2018 onwards) should be accessible from their implementation date.

This includes both systems developed in-house and those purchased from an external supplier.

Accessibility statements

All our web-based systems and applications must publish an accessibility statement by 23rd September 2019.

This should provide details of any current issues and plans being put in place to rectify them.

See the Accessibility statements web pages.

Systems managed by ISS

University systems centrally managed by ISS are currently being audited, with suppliers being asked to test the accessibility of their systems and identify steps they will take to resolve any issues that are found.

Work to correct any accessibility issues with existing services will focus in the first instance on those providing access to services for students.

Systems not managed by ISS

Existing systems

If you are the owner of a web-based system or application which is not centrally managed, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is accessible.

If you paid for its development or buy licences for it from an external supplier you must ask the supplier for an accessibility statement (see above information about deadlines for accessibility statements).

New systems

If you are buying a new system from an external supplier accessibility must be considered as part of the procurement process.

The supplier must be asked to provide evidence that their system or application has been tested and complies with the accessibility standards.