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Information about Coronavirus for students living off-campus  

If you are living off-campus in private rented accommodation this year, we realise there may be some anxiety about the prospect of leaving the relatively safe environment of your family home. Here are some guidelines about making the most of university life whilst keeping yourself, your housemates and the community you live in safe and well.

As all guidance is kept under constant review and subject to change, here are some of the most relevant websites to become familiar with:


  • Moving in to your new home

    You and any housemates you share with will form a new “household”. This definition is key to being able to follow government guidelines correctly.

    You and anyone you share with will be living together as one household so you don’t have to socially distance in your home, but restrictions should be followed when you go out. Make sure you all know the current government rules and guidelines and remind each other to follow them.

    If you develop symptoms, you must delay your move in date and self-isolate.

    On arrival, please be mindful when moving in of other people living in the property. We recommend limiting access to just one other person for a short time to help you move in. Pre-booked move-in time slots are a good idea to avoid breaking social distancing and contamination rules.

    If you are vulnerable and need to shield please communicate with your landlord as early as possible to plan how you will deal with the tenancy, especially if you are living with friends who do not need to shield.

  • Students arriving from overseas

    Quarantine & self-isolation

    If you are coming from a country that is not included in the UK Travel Corridor List  you will need to quarantine for two weeks on arrival, including from your housemates if you are sharing accommodation.  Please check this list before you travel. Further details on how to travel and to quarantine/self-isolate once you arrive in the UK can be found on the UK Government's how to self isolate webpage.   

    The University is offering free airport transfer for all international flights to the university campus, although you will need to arrange to get to your final destination if living off-campus.

    You must inform your landlord as soon as possible of your expected arrival date, and if you will be living with others, discuss with them how to share the home safely whilst you quarantine according to guidelines.

    You may need to arrive earlier than the others and will need to plan for additional support and survival items whilst you quarantine, such as crockery, bedding and delivery of groceries etc.

    Whilst in quarantine, please follow government guidelines such as staying in your room, arranging food and grocery deliveries online and using the kitchen at a separate time to the rest of the household.   

    If you are sharing your accommodation with others, have a talk early on to agree houserules on hygiene and keeping safe – having visitors, cleaning shared areas, handwashing when you come in, etc.

    If you develop symptoms of Coronavirus, then you and the household must self-isolate according to current government guidelines. You must also inform your landlord and university.

  • (Social) Life in the time of Covid-19

    Until Government guidance changes, many of the usual student social gatherings and events cannot take place:

    • Follow Government guidance on social distancing for safety - no mass gatherings, no parties 
    • Follow Government restrictions on mixing with anyone outside of your household, such as visitors to your home – and no overnight guests
  • Social Responsibility

    People have different perceptions of risk, and you may not know if someone is more vulnerable to the effects of the virus than you. If you share your home with others it’s a good idea to agree some household rules regarding having visitors, distancing and hygiene such as handwashing, cleaning the shared areas, etc.  

    Be aware that local residents may be anxious about hundreds of students moving back into the community, especially if they are elderly or in a vulnerable category. The current restrictions and concerns can also impact on people’s tolerance levels, so unruly behaviour or noise has the potential to cause a lot of upset and anxiety. You can help by introducing yourself to your neighbours, behaving responsibly and by adhering to Government guidelines.

  • Property visits and viewings

    Home visits are allowed for anyone who is “fulfilling a legal obligation”, for example when your landlord has arranged to carry out safety checks or undertake essential maintenance or repairs that they are obliged to do. Please liaise with your landlord to arrange suitable and safe access according to the guidelines.

    Although viewings by prospective tenants can technically still take place where they are “reasonably necessary to facilitate a house move”, they must be limited. Block viewings by several people in the property at once must be avoided.

    If viewings are to take place you can arrange with you landlord to ensure safety rules are followed according to the guidelines such as safe distancing measures, the wearing of masks and requiring the viewers not to touch any surfaces. The landlord may need to arrange the sanitisation of certain areas such as bannisters or handles to self-closing fire doors both before and after use by visitors.

In need of help or support?

If you or any of your housemates need support or help at this time, a dedicated mailbox has been set up to support students: coronaqueries@lancaster.ac.uk

You can also speak to the Students’ Union or College staff, who are on hand to support all our off-campus students.

Students who live off-campus can still access all the available University services and facilities on campus, such as college kitchens, and services available online.