Superior Ensuite Campus accommodation

Superior Ensuite Accommodation

Around two thirds of our accommodation is ensuite, with residents enjoying their own private WC, washbasin and shower. Most of this has opened since 2004 and is classed as Superior Ensuite, making it the most prolific option on offer.

All colleges offer Superior Ensuite rooms, and most have a good supply of them. Lonsdale and Cartmel Colleges offer entirely Superior Ensuite accommodation, with Furness Central, Fylde, County South, Grizedale and Pendle West also offering large quantities. Bowland College's Superior Ensuite rooms are in Bowland Tower, but there are fewer rooms inside.


  • How many people share each flat?

    Between six and eight students share kitchen/dining facilities in our Superior En Suite accommodation, except Bowland Tower where five share each floor and its associated communal facilities.

  • How much do they cost?

    The weekly fee is £143.99 on a standard 40 week contract. Additionally there are a handful of larger rooms in Lonsdale, County, Fylde and Cartmel, costing £153.44 per week.

  • What's included in the bedrooms?

    Your study-bedroom will be fitted out with a bed (with under-bed storage), desk, wardrobe, drawers, notice board, shelves and a chair. Curtains or blinds will be at the windows.

    Your en suite comprises a shower, washbasin and WC.

    The single beds measure 900mm wide and either 1900 or 2100mm long.

  • What's included in the kitchens?

    The kitchens are equipped with a table and chairs as standard. Some parts of Cartmel and Lonsdale have been remodelled to include breakfast bars and soft seating as well.

    There are also cookers and a microwave, kettle and toaster, fridge, freezer and cupbaord storage space.

    A vacuum cleaner, ironing board and iron are also supplied.


Where on campus?

See the map below for the locations of Superior Ensuite accommodation on campus. Click on the pins for external pictures.

360 Tour

The Superior Ensuite accommodation shown here belongs to Furness College but is typical of this offering across the site.