Indonesian Alumni Group

Indonesian Alumni Co-ordinators: Jeffrey Ng, Haikal Bekti Anggoro and Gemal Wiradinta

Jeffrey,  Haikal and Gemala organise social and networking events for Lancaster alumni in Indonesia.

To receive invitations, please ensure that your address details on the alumni database indicate that you live in Indonesia. Update your details online (requires log on) or by emailing

To find out more about the group, please email Jeffrey or Haikal or Gemala directly.

What I'm doing now

Jeffrey: I am an Executive Director / Chief Operating Officer for minimal fashion Group a Transnational Fashion Company in Singapore & Indonesia. With over 80 Stand Alone Stores with 8,000sqm of Retail Space and a highly profitable online store for multichannel shopping.

Haikal: I am a Project Specialist at the Boston Consulting Group, a global company helping leading institutions in Indonesia to develop strategies and performance.

Gemala: I am working as a Project Management Officer (specialising in IT) in a state owned seaport company in Indonesia, the Indonesia Port Corporation. 

My best Lancaster memory

Jeffrey: All Fond Memories....but probably one is being interviewed after winning the London Financial Weekly Financial Forecasting Competition beating The Street Predictions.

Haikal: Being a Fresher twice (foundation and first year) at Pendle College with its amazing Freshers Week, Christmas dinner with friends, receiving financial support to meet the Indonesian President and his ministers with fellow leaders of the Indonesian Student Association from around the world, spotting the Aurora Borealis on a cold winter night on Castle Hill and helping to create a partnership between Lancaster University and Indonesian institutions.

Gemala: The first time the taxi brought me from Manchester Airport to the campus. Suddenly, everywhere I saw green fields with cows and sheep and one majestic windmill. At that moment I knew I was in the right place. You can read my story at


What Lancaster means to me

Jeffrey: A world of learning opportunities, knowledge is truly open to all.

Haikal: It is where I learned not only academic knowledge, but also social and organisational skills. Without my four years at Lancaster I would not have become who I am now!

Gemala: Lancaster was my sweet escape from the crowded and busy life in Jakarta.


Why I volunteer as an alumni group co-ordinator

Jeffrey: I love to serve and give back some and help my Alma Mater grow.

Haikal: I simply love Lancaster so much! It makes me so happy every time I see my fellow Lancastrians and I want to help them meet their old friends and promote Lancaster in Indonesia.

Gemala: I would like to give back to Lancaster for the life-changing experience.