Lahore Alumni Group

Lahore Alumni Co-ordinator: Shoaib Zafar

Shoaib organises social and networking events for Lancaster alumni in Lahore.

To receive invitations, please ensure that your address details on the alumni database indicate that you live in Pakistan. Update your details online (requires log on) or by emailing

To find out more about the group, please email Shoaib directly.

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What I'm doing now

I am working as an IT Business Analyst whilst generally I am pursuing my career in ERP specialisation and Big Data technologies to gain expertise in the synergy of Information Technology and the Business Industry. 

My best Lancaster memory

My best Lancaster memory is from the farewell night when we were saying goodbye to each other for one last time when I saw two of my best friends hugging and crying.  I went to those ladies, hugged them and made a joke to lighten the environment and we all chuckled about it. At that very moment, the photographer captured that beautiful moment, a moment where a Pakistani, an Indian and a British person are holding onto each other, inspiring the world with the idea of cultural and racial diversity and love beyond borders.  That memory is still as fresh as it was yesterday and having a beautifully captured photograph makes me relive that very moment over and over again.

What Lancaster means to me

Lancaster isn`t just an academic institution for me. It is a place where I got to break so many of my stereotypes and it is the very place where I learned how important cultural diversity is for us in today's world and how essential it is for us bridge the communication gap between people around the world and spread the message of love and respect.

When I was studying, I used to think that as well as getting a degree in Computer Sciences, I am building up few very important interpersonal and social skills. But today after being in a real professional world for more than a year, I have come to realise that being a Lancaster student, I obtained a title of Computer Scientist whilst learning the most essential interpersonal skills.

Why I volunteer as an alumni group co-ordinator

I am driven by a philosophy that whatever the knowledge & experience I gain, I should not only use it for professional & personal purposes, but to also productively contribute into the society.

In my case, these skills are my expertise in connecting people using digital platforms. I am one of the most prominent Couch Surfing hosts in my city as well as a distinguished member of Google Local Guide programme. The same idea inspired me to volunteer for this alumni role to help my friends and other alumni in being part of one distinct platform where we all could connect with each other in both social & professional manner.