South Korea Alumni Group

South Korea Co-ordinator: Charlie Daeeuy Lee

Charlie organises social and networking events for Lancaster alumni in Seoul.

To receive invitations, please ensure that your address details on the alumni database indicate that you live in South Korea. Update your details online (requires log on) or by emailing

To find out more about the group, please email Charlie directly.

What I'm doing now

I started my career in management consulting field after graduation. I now work for the management consulting agency, OpenTide Korea, manageing global marketing/sales projects at in-house management consulting division of Samsung Group. 

My best Lancaster memory

Looking back, I'm surprised that the library was the most favourite place for me in my Lancaster life (I was not originally such a bookworm). I was very interested in all related marketing materials and was incredibly pleased with pre-studying and reviewing the course almost everyday. Acquisition of knowledge and background from various marketing areas rather than just cramming for the exam was the prime mover to join a management consulting firm and still strengthen my competitiveness in that area. But at graduate school, I took time to be relaxed and really enjoyed the social life.

What Lancaster means to me

Personally, I have been so proud to be a Lancaster graduate at the best UK marketing school. Valuable time with all great teachers and colleagues coming from all around the world served as a momentum to make a new leap forward. That is why I feel that alumni reunion events in Korea are a poignant reminder of this special place for the finest period in my life.

For my family, my sister also achieved Phd degree in Lancaster design management and also my brother-in-law is currently an honorary researcher in film study department. A bond for life with Lancaster has been forged between family members.

Why I volunteer as an alumni group co-ordinator

After being elected as the alumni president in 2005, I have led a variety of alumni events and tried to ensure that new graduates are encouraged to become part of the alumni network in South Korea. I have also maintained a close association with the Internation Office at the University, voluntarily supporting regular student recruitment events and visits by key personnel. I feel it is important to facilitate networking and bonding of the alumni members and bring us all more great opportunities and keep us strongly attached for a life-time.