Dr Bruce Bennett

Senior Lecturer

Current Teaching


I am currently co-supervising the following PhD projects:

  • Areej Alghamdi, Saudi Women's Incorporeal Heritage
  • Ian Hunt, Cinema and memory
  • Vicky James, The Migrant Mime - Documentary film and migrant identity
  • Rui Qian, Migrant workers in post-'90s Chinese cinema

I have supervised the following PhDs:

  • Dr Bernadette Salem (2019),Cinema and commercial space tourism: The politics of escapism
  • Dr Matthew Smith (2019), The figure of the child in British cinema
  • Dr Laura Clancy (2019: AHRC/ESRC co-funded), The (Family) Firm: Representation and Power in the British Royal Family
  • Dr Rona Murray (2019), Situations of Absence: Silence and Invisibility in Women's Cinema
  • Dr Liz Nichols (2017), Distracted Spectatorship: The cinematic experience and franchise films
  • Dr Anna Martin (2014).Writing the Star: Stardom, Fandom and Real Person Fanfiction
  • Dr Imogen Robertson (2013). Intervals, Rhythms and Waves: Relations of Affect in Case Studies of Subjective Documentary from the 1980s and 1990s
  • Dr Katherine Harrison (2009: AHRC-funded). Terror/Democracy: An iconology
  • Dr Alex Simcock (2009: AHRC-funded). Rethinking Film and Television through the made-for-TV movie
  • Dr Dominique Ying-chih Liao (2008). Film and theatre in post-martial law Taiwan


I currently contribute lectures to the modules on the brand new MA in Film Studies, Transnational Cinemas (LICA441) and Research Methods: Contemporary Film Theory (LICA440), and supervise MA dissertations.


I currently convene the 2nd-year core Film Studies module, Hollywood and Beyond: Global Cinema (LICA251), and the third-year option module, Silent Cinema (LICA355).

I also contribute lectures on the 1st-year Film Studies core modules, Introduction to Film Studies (LICA150) and British Cinema (LICA102), the 1st-year core module, Fundamentals: Contemporary Arts and Design (LICA101), the 2nd-year core module, Critical Reflections (LICA200), and I am supervising undergraduate dissertations on a variety of topics.

The fine art of cycling: bicycles, modernity and political art
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Cycling, Art and Utopian Possibilities
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Cycling, Art and Utopian Possibilities
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Trump's body
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Against aspiration
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Documenting the War on Terror
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Cinema, Time and Children
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Unexpected cinematic journeys and ethnographic spectacle in contemporary 3D films: Research provocation
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semic code, discourse, 180-degree system, indirect address
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