Dr Claire Fitzpatrick

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests

Claire has a long-standing interest in examining the link between experiences of the state child care system and later involvement in the youth and criminal justice systems, with a particular focus on challenging negative stereotypes that have traditionally linked children in care with trouble. Previous research has focused on looked after children and care leavers in prison custody, as well as the experiences of care leavers in the community supervised on an Intensive Alternative to Custody Order. Claire’s current work focuses on care-experienced girls and women in youth and criminal justice systems.

More broadly, Claire is interested in processes of criminalisation, youth justice, women’s imprisonment, desistance and resilience, gendered pathways to offending and the link between state systems of care and justice across the generations. She has a particular commitment to research that seeks to make a difference to real world policy and practice.

Reconsidering the Care-Crime Connection in a Climate of Crisis
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Journal article

Exploring the Pathways between Care and Custody for Girls and Women: A Literature Review
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Why have so many people in prison spent time in care as children?
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Other contribution

Supporting looked after children and care leavers in the criminal justice system: emergent themes and strategies for change
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Examining clear approach: an intervention for care leavers on an intensive alternative to custody order
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Other report

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Emerging Drug Trends in Lancashire: Focusing on young adults’ alcohol and drug use. Phase Two Report
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