Professor Corinne May-Chahal



I am an applied social scientist dedicated to research that makes a difference to the way in which children and adults can keep safe in a digital world. My focus is on the socio-technical aspects of human security through developing and applying new technologies; initially in ISIS which created software to identify age and gender deception in computer mediated communication, followed by UDesignIT co-producing applications to facilitate the reporting of community concerns and iCOP (identifying child abuse image originations in Peer to Peer networks). After completing a degree in Sociology and training as a social worker I initially conducted research aimed at improving children’s participation in services designed to safeguard them. My PhD (Child Abuse Troubles, Lancaster University, 1996) and early books (Child Sexual Abuse: Listening, Hearing and Validating The Experiences of Children (1989), Making a Case in Child Protection (1992) & Child Sexual Abuse: Responding to the Experiences of Children, (1999)) impacted on policy through membership of the Home Office Pigot Code of Practice Steering Group which drafted the Memorandum of Good Practice on Video Recorded Interviews with Child Witnesses for Criminal Proceedings (1992), membership of the WHO Prevention of Violence Initiative drafting the World Report on Violence and Health (2002) which introduced a public health approach to violence. I have researched the ways in which different European countries respond to violence against children through several EU collaborations (the Concerted Action on the Prevention of Child Abuse in Europe (CAPCAE), CUPICSO (Collection and Use of Personal Information on Child Sex Offenders in Europe), SIFS (Social Inclusion and Family Support), PANDORA (Confidentiality and the Response to Children in 5 European Countries) and CAHRV (Co-ordination Action on Human Rights Violation). In addition I research resilience and support needs in adulthood (through an ESRC funded longitudinal study on gambling and crime - Tracking Vulnerability and Resilience in Gambling Crime Careers).

Rapid Evidence Assessment: Characteristics and vulnerabilities of victims of online-facilitated child sexual abuse and exploitation
May-Chahal, C.A., Palmer, C.E. 22/01/2018 Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. 1 p.
Commissioned report

Gambling harm and crime careers
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Journal article

Glocal social work
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Commissioned report

Study on the gender dimension of trafficking in human beings
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Other contribution

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Conference contribution/Paper

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Journal article

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Commissioned report

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Journal article

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Journal article

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Forensics Software for Detecting Online Paedophile Activity
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