Professor Daniel Shapiro

Emeritus Professor

Spatial Computing and Spatial Practices.
Shapiro, D.Z., Broderson, A., Buscher, M., Christensen, M. 2007 In: The Disappearing Computer: Interaction Design, System Infrastrutures and Applications for Smart Environments. Springer 77 p. ISBN: 978-3-540-72725-5.

Participatory Design: The Will to Succeed.
Shapiro, D.Z. 1/08/2005

Landscapes of practice: Bricolage as a method for situated design.
Shapiro, D.Z., Buscher, M., Gill, S., Mogensen, P. 1/03/2001 In: Computer Supported Cooperative Work. 10, 1, p. 1-28. 28 p.
Journal article

Spaces of Practice.
Shapiro, D.Z., Buscher, M., Mogensen, P. 2001 In: ESCW 2001. Kluwer Academic Press 139 p. ISBN: 0-7923-7162-3.

The effectiveness of health care teams in the National Health Service
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Vision on the move: technologies for the footloose
Buscher, M., Krogh, P.G., Mogensen, P., Shapiro, D. 2001 In: Appliance Design. 1, p. 11-14. 4 p.
Journal article

Designs on objects: imaginative practice, aesthetic categorisation, and the design of multimedia archiving support.
Buscher, M., Friedlaender, V., Hodgson, E., Rank, S., Shapiro, D. 09/2000 In: Digital Creativity. 11, 3, p. 161-172. 12 p.
Journal article

Collaborative augmented reality environments: integrating VR, working materials, and distributed work spaces.
Büscher, M.;., Christensen, M.;., Grønbæk, K.;., Krogh, P.;., Mogensen, P.;., Ørbæk, P.;., Shapiro, D.Z. 2000 In: Proceedings of CVE 2000: 3rd international conference on collaborative virtual environments. New York : ACM p. 47-56. 10 p.

Creativity, complexity and precision: information visualisation for (landscape)architecture.
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Mental health of the workforce in NHS trusts
West, M., Borrill, C., Wall, T.D., Hardy, G.E., Shapiro, D., Carter, A.J., Golya, D.A., Haynes, C.E. 1996 Sheffield : University of Sheffield.

Ethnographically-informed systems design for air traffic control
Bentley, R., Hughes, J.A., Randall, D., Rodden, T., Sawyer, P., Shapiro, D., Sommerville, I. 1992
Conference contribution/Paper

Restructuring: place, class, and gender
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Restructuring Lancaster
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