Dr Debra Ferreday

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests

I am a feminist cultural theorist with strong research interests in gender, feminist theory, sexuality, critical race theory, queer theory and embodiment. My research engages with embodied and social aspects of new media and digital cultures, celebrity culture, media and violence, fan studies, sexuality studies and mad studies.

My current research project is Screening Rape: on the politics of popular culture, spectatorship and violence. See my article on Game of Thrones in Australian Feminist Studies.

Forthcoming 2017: special section of Feminist Theory on 'The Politics of Popular Culture'co-edited with Geraldine Harris (LICA).

I am currently involved in co-organising the third annual Hear Me Roar, Lancaster's Feminist Festival.

Currently I am on the editorial board of Cogent Social Sciences and am a member of ECREA.

‘No one is trash, no one is garbage, no one is cancelled’: the cultural politics of trauma, recovery and rage in RuPaul’s Drag Race
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Domesticity, nostalgia and the queer temporalities of burlesque: or the sexual politics of cupcakes
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What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger: the queer temporalities of Jessica Jones' survivor superhero body
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Beyond equality: Transparent's Gaga feminism
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Bone of contention – why provocative feminist magazine Spare Rib still matters today
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