Dr Karen Juers-Munby

Senior Lecturer

Current Teaching


I welcome appliations for PhD study. I have supervised and co-supervised the following PhD projects:

  • Manel Ziani, Algerian Theatre: A Journey from Popular Theatre to Modern Theatre (current)
  • Ildiko Rippel, Raptures/Ruptures of the Real: The Non-Performer in Contemporary Performance Practice (2017)
  • Piotr Woycicki, The Politics of Perception in Post-cinematic Performance: Anexploration of the interinvolvement of theatre and film in contemporaryperformance andcinema (2011)
  • Peter Petralia, Reshaping Spatiality: Cognitive perception and the fracturing of theatrical space (2011)
  • Kathryn Whittaker, Representing the 'crisis' in masculinity: British and North American male playwrights, (2009, 2nd supervisor)
  • Kerstin Bueschges, On hair, fishtails and voices: resisting femininity in contemporary performance practice (2007).

I also supervise MA Dissertations on the MA in Contemporary Arts Research.


I am currently Director of Studies for Part II Theatre Studies and teach on the following modules:

LICA100 Modernism in the Arts, contribution of lectures

LICA180 Introduction to Theatre Studies, contribution of lectures

LICA200 Critical Reflections

LICA284 Postwar European Playwrights, Convenor

LICA384 Contemporary European Postdramatic Theatre, Convenor

LICA281/381 Theatre Practice and Advanced Theatre Practice, Supervision of practical group projects, Convenor

LICA300 Dissertation

Elfriede Jelinek and Werner Schwab: Heimat Critique and Dissections of Right-wing Populism and Xenophobia
Jürs-Munby, K. 23/07/2020 In: Contemporary European Playwrights. London : Routledge p. 44-65. 22 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Gedanken zum Ernst der Komik in Jelinek-Inszenierungen
Jürs-Munby, K. 2019
Digital or Visual Products

"Für jeden Text das Theater neu erfinden": Gespräch mit Pia Janke, Karen Jürs-Munby, Hans-Thies Lehmann, Monika Meister und Artur Pełka
Juers-Munby, K., Lehmann, H., Janke, P., Meister, M., Pełka, A. 30/04/2015
Conference contribution/Paper

"Postdramatik?": Zur aktuellen Forschungssituation mit Blick auf Elfriede Jelinek
Juers-Munby, K., Pełka, A. 30/04/2015
Conference contribution/Paper

"The proof is in the pudding": Britische Theaterstücke "zwischen" Drama und postdramatischem Theater
Juers-Munby, K. 30/04/2015 In: "Postdramatik". Vienna : Praesens Verlag p. 464-480. 17 p. ISBN: 9783706908115.

Jelinek Über-Setzen: Ein internationaler Vergleich
Juers-Munby, K. 30/04/2015
Conference contribution/Paper

Jelinek in the Arena: Sport, Cultural Understanding and Translation to Page and Stage
Fiddler, A., Juers-Munby, K. 29/12/2014 In: Austrian Studies. 22, 214 p.
Special issue

Agon, conflict and dissent: Elfriede Jelinek's Ein Sportstück and its stagings by Einar Schleef and Just a Must Theatre
Juers-Munby, K. 18/12/2014 In: Austrian Studies. 22, p. 9-25. 17 p.
Journal article

Introduction: Elfriede Jelinek in multiple arenas
Fiddler, A., Juers-Munby, K. 18/12/2014 In: Austrian Studies. 7 p.

Mythen weiblicher (Ohn-)Macht und ihre Demontage im Theater: Machträume bei Bobby Baker und Elfriede Jelinek
Juers-Munby, K. 2014 In: Spielräume des Anderen. Bielefeld : Transcript Verlag p. 195-210. 16 p. ISBN: 9783837618396.

Parastic politics: Elfriede Jelinek's 'secondary dramas' and their staging
Juers-Munby, K. 19/12/2013 In: Postdramatic theatre and the political. London : Bloomsbury Methuen Drama p. 209-231. 23 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Postdramatic theatre and the political: international perspectives on contemporary performance
Juers-Munby, K., Carroll, J., Giles, S. 19/12/2013 Bloomsbury Methuen Drama. 324 p.

Abraumhalde; FaustIn and out
Juers-Munby, K. 2013 In: Jelinek-Handbuch. Stuttgart : Verlag J.B. Metzler p. 203-207. 5 p. ISBN: 9783476023674.

Juers-Munby, K. 2013 In: Jelinek-Handbuch. Stuttgart : Verlag J.B. Metzler p. 324-334. 11 p. ISBN: 9783476023674.

Foreword to ‘Sports Play’ by Elfriede Jelinek
Juers-Munby, K. 2012

Der fremde, faszinierende, paradoxe Ort Theater: Gedanken zu Elfriede Jelineks neueren theatertheoretischen Essays
Juers-Munby, K. 2011 In: Jelinek[Jahr]buch 2011. Vienna : Praesens Verlag p. 85-102. 18 p. ISBN: 9783706904476.

Wie aktuell sind Elfriede Jelineks feministische Theatertexte der 70er und 80er Jahre?
Fiddler, A., Gürtler, C., Honegger, G., Janke, P., Jürs-Munby, K., Clar, P. 03/2010 In: Jelinek[Jahr]Buch. Vienna : Praesens Verlag p. 177-185. 9 p. ISBN: 978-3-7069-0606-7.

Text Exposed: Displayed texts as players onstage in contemporary theatre
Juers-Munby, K. 01/2010 In: Studies in Theatre and Performance. 30, 1, p. 101-114. 14 p.
Journal article

Ticker-Theater: von der Krise des Dramas und postdramatischem Echtzeittheater im Umgang mit der globalen Finanzkrise
Juers-Munby, K. 2010 In: Lücken sehen... . Universitätsverlag C. Winter p. 251-264. 14 p. ISBN: 978-3-8253-5777-1.

‘Did you mean post-traumatic theatre?’: The vicissitudes of traumatic memory in contemporary postdramatic performances
Juers-Munby, K. 10/2009 In: Performance Paradigm. 5, 2, p. 1-33. 33 p.
Journal article

The Resistant Text in Postdramatic Theatre: Performing Elfriede Jelinek's ‘Sprachflächen’
Juers-Munby, K. 03/2009 In: Performance Research. 14, 1, p. 46-56. 11 p.
Journal article

Hanswurst and Herr Ich: Subjection and Abjection in the Enlightenment Censorship of the Comic Figure.
Jürs-Munby, K. 1/05/2007 In: New Theatre Quarterly. 23, 2, p. 124-135. 12 p.
Journal article

Taking stock and looking forward: Postdramatic theatre
Barnett, D., Lehmann, H.T., Jürs-Munby, K. 1/12/2006 In: Contemporary Theatre Review. 16, 4, 7 p.

Postdramatic Theatre.
Jürs-Munby, K., Lehmann, H.T. 1/02/2006
Other contribution

"Ich möchte seicht sein": Elfriede Jelineks postdramatisches Schauspielmodel(l) als Ideologiekritik und Medienstörung ["I want to be shallow": Elfriede Jelinek's postdramatic acting model as critique of ideology and media interference]
Juers-Munby, K. 2006 In: Das Analoge sträubt sich gegen das Digitale?. Frankfurt am Main : Theater der Zeit p. 86-100. 14 p. ISBN: 393434481X, 9783934344815.

'Ich will seicht sein': Elfriede Jelinek's Schauspielmodel (l) als Ideologiekritik und Medienst'rung
Jürs-Munby, K. 2006 In: Das Analoge sträubt sich gegen das Digitale: . Theater der Zeit Recherchen p. 86-100. 15 p. ISBN: 9783934344815.

Of Textual Bodies and Actual Bodies: the Abjection of Performance in Lessing's Dramaturgy.
Jürs-Munby, K. 1/03/2005 In: Theatre Research International. 30, 1, p. 19-35. 17 p.
Journal article