Dr Leslie Humphreys


Research Interests

  • Criminal career research
  • Criminal sentencing
  • Criminal deception
  • Research Methods

Putting Coercive Control into Practice: Problems and Possibilities
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Journal article

Gambling harm and crime careers
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Journal article

Investigating the relationship between the diversity index and frequency of offending
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Journal article

Using the UK general offender database as a means to measure and analyse organised crime
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Journal article

A mixture model for longitudinal partially ranked data
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Journal article

Understanding criminal careers in organised crime
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Commissioned report

Middle-class offenders as employees – assessing the risk: a 35-year follow-up
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Journal article

Understanding deception: disentangling skills from conviction
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Journal article

Predicting reconviction: do some predictors fade with length of follow-up?
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Conference paper

Promoting an Evidence-Informed Approach to Addressing Problem Gambling in UK Prison Populations
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Journal article

Middle-Class Offenders: A 35-Year Follow-Up
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Journal article

Developing numeracy in criminology students through crime data.
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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

OGRS 3: the revised Offender Group Reconviction Scale
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Commissioned report

Older People and Dissatisfaction with Wheelchair Services.
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Journal article

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Journal article

Review of equality statistics
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Commissioned report

Development of a reoffending measure using the Police National Computer database.
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Working paper

Developing Measures of Severity and Frequency of Reconviction
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Working paper

Predicting Reconviction Rates in Northern Ireland
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Commissioned report