Dr Mark Lacy

Senior Lecturer

Current Teaching

PPR.425 Theorizing Security and War

PPR 221 Understanding Security and Global Politcs

PPR 325 The Politics of Global Danger

PPR 100 Politics and Governance in the Contemporary World

'Firing Canons to Kill Mosquitoes': Controlling 'virtual' streets and the 'image of the state' in Bangladesh
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Journal article

Securitization and the global politics of cybersecurity
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Journal article

China and discourses of desecuritization: A reply to Vuori
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Journal article

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The future of maritime cyber security
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Other report

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Cyber operations in the maritime environment
Fitton, O., Germond, B., Lacy, M., Prince, D. 08/2014
Working paper

The future of digital disrupters: rethinking the digital divide
Lacy, M., Prince, D. 12/06/2013 Lancaster : Lancaster University. 46 p.
Other report

Securing by design
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Journal article

Intellectuals, international relations and the constant emergency
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Journal article

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Journal article

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Journal article

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