Dr Melis Cin

Lecturer in Education and Social Justice


I am a feminist researcher with a particular interest in exploring the relationship between education and international development. I also investigate how education can be used as a peacebuilding tool in conflict zones and use socially engaged art interventions as a way to understand the local meanings of peace in formal and informal education settings. Alongside these issues, I have kept up an interest in methodological issues such as feminist research, online research methods and participatory arts.

Currently, I am working on four projects:

I am leading a British Academy project that looks at developing gender-responsive peacebuilding framework to understand the factors, structures and mechanisms that can enable women as peacebuilders in their own communities within the context of Syria and Turkey.

AHRC GCRF Network Plus Grant, Decolonising Peace Education in Africa: I am a Co-I on this four-year-long project (2020-2024) that seeks to widen access to quality peace education by developing context and gender-sensitive pedagogic content and design of delivery for use among young people across Africa.

AHRC GCRF Project, Youth agency, civic engagement, and sustainable development: Ideas for Southern Africa (Co-I). This project aims to establish and strengthen channels of engagement between youth, CSOs, NGOs, and other stakeholders within the region of Southern Africa. Using Zimbabwe and South Africa as case study countries, we reconcile lessons learnt from the Changing the Story projects led in these countries.

I am also co-leading an AHRC GCRF project on contextualising and gendering peace education in Zimbabwe and Nigeria through arts-based intervention. The project uncovers community-centred approaches to peace to explore their potential for informing contextualised gender-sensitive peace education materials. In doing so, we aim to support peace educators to develop context-sensitive pedagogic content for higher education through innovations in the curriculum.

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