Nathan Jones

Lecturer in Fine Art: Digital Media

Research Overview

My research looks at "the contemporary" through new media art and media theory, centrally focusing on the co-evolution of language and technology. I use critical and creative approaches that combine art writing, poetry, hybrid and post-digital publishing, performance and media-archaeological method.

I have published and presented on conditions for language and literature in the context of artificial intelligence, glitch practices, and post-digital publishing. Exhibited works include experimental applications of speed readers and optical character recognition, recursive neural nets, VR-headsets and microfiche archival machines.

my monstituces composer: Looking for the Pre-Emergent Social Consciousness of AI in Small Data Literary Synthesis
Jones, N. 19/03/2020 In: Media-N: Journal of the New Media Caucus. 16, 1, p. 45-66. 22 p.
Journal article

Distributed Critique: New Media Art as a Research Environment for the Posthumanities
Jones, N. 15/11/2019
Conference paper

Temporal Irritations of Code in Ben Lerner’s Mean Free Path poems
Jones, N. 17/01/2019
Conference contribution/Paper

Unicode Class Vernacular
Jones, N. 30/07/2018
Other contribution

Glitch Poetics: Critical Sensory Realisms in Contemporary Language Practice
Jones, N. 1/03/2018
Other contribution

Torque: expanded publishing in a new era for readers
Jones, N. 1/03/2018
Other contribution

The Happy Jug: a novel
Jones, N. 2018 Entr'acte. 80 p.

Glitch Poetics: The Posthumanities of Error
Jones, N. 30/11/2017 In: The Bloomsbury Handbook of Electronic Literature. London : Bloomsbury Academic p. 237-255. 19 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Notes Towards a Glitch Poetics
Jones, N. 21/06/2017 In: Thresholds. 1, 1
Journal article

Absorbing Text: Rereading Speed Reading
Jones, N. 23/03/2017 In: APRJA. 6, 1, 16 p.
Journal article

Absorbing Text: [newspaper version]
Jones, N., Skinner, S. 2/03/2017 Machine Research, 6 16 p.

Traumatic Time
Jones, N. 1/03/2017 Poetry Wales
Featured article

Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain
Catlow, R., Garrett, M., Jones, N., Skinner, S. 2017 3rd ed. Torque Editions. 340 p.

Relearning to Read
Jones, N. 2017

Codecs and Contemporary Poetry: [newspaper version]
Jones, N. 02/2016 Machine Research, 5 10 p.

The Testimony of Structure: Codecs and Contemporary Poetry
Jones, N. 2016 In: APRJA. 10 p.
Journal article

Glitch Poetics
Jones, N. 12/2015 Art Monthly 5 p.
Featured article

Being Read Being Reading Being Read and Reading Beings
Jones, N. 04/2015

Torque #2: The Act of Reading
Jones, N., Skinner, S. 2015 Torque Editions. 319 p.

theatre: The Happy Jug: a posthuman play
Jones, N. 2015

Torque #1: Mind, Language and Technology
Jones, N., Skinner, S. 2014 Link Editions. 214 p.