Dr Noel McGuirk

Lecturer in Law - Terrorism and the Law (Teaching & Scholarship)


Noel’s research interests broadly focuses on the relationship between terrorism, counterterrorism and human rights law. He is particularly interested in analysing legal responses to terrorism that have been adopted by various states to assist in managing the prevailing threat of terrorism. Noel’s PhD conducted a taxonomy of terrorist profiling by examining the issues arising from the use of profiling methods to identify terrorist characteristics as part of the process of preventing, detecting and deterring terrorism threats.

Noel is currently writing a monograph, which has come from his PhD, and will be titled: ‘Terrorist Profiling and Law Enforcement: Detection, Prevention and Deterrence’ and is due to be published by Routledge in Autumn 2020. He is extremely interested in examining the use of profiling methods and techniques by law enforcement officers in the prevention, detection and prosecution of those engaged in terrorism and/or its associated preparatory activities.

Noel is also deeply interested in scholarship on teaching approaches that can be adopted in law to help create stimulating learning experiences for undergraduate and postgraduate students. He has always been keen to develop innovative teaching and assessment practices that challenge students to engage with not only the theory of law but also its operation in practice.

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