Pip Dickens


Current Teaching

I teach on the Fine Art course, convening year 3. My primary disciplines are painting and drawing. However, I also utilise digital media and photography within my practice.

I am on the steering committee of the recently formed Teaching Painting organisation founded by Ian Hartshorne, Donal Moloney and Magnus Quaife. Teaching Painting organisation was formed at Manchester school of art in 2015. The remit of this organisation is to investigate the teaching of contemporary painting practices within art schools using a variety of platforms including publications, conferences, exhibitions and workshops.

Fully Awake 2:5: Second iteration of Teaching Painting organisation's group exhibition featuring work by over 30 artists that celebrates the intergenerational effects of teaching painting.
Dickens, P.A. 2/11/2017

MIRRORS - PIP DICKENS: Solo exhibition supported by Arts Council England and Lancaster University
Dickens, P.A., Pfister, R., O'Brien, K. 1/11/2017

Out of the Shadows… The Wordless Graphic Novels of Lynd Ward
Dickens, P.A. 25/05/2017
Web publication/site

A choreography of the senses: the painter's studio
Dickens, P.A. 02/2017 In: Sensory Arts and Design. London : Bloomsbury Academic
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Celebrating Figuration & Abstraction: Elvira Bach, Pip Dickens and Gernot Kissel (1939-2008)
Dickens, P. 2014

Inverse - Evoke: Art and Text: Group Exhibition | London | 19-28 November 2013
Dickens, P., Pfister, R. 19/11/2013

SCREEN : Pip Dickens
Dickens, P. 29/06/2013

Pip Dickens : New Works
Dickens, P. 18/01/2012

Brittle Crazie Glasse
Dickens, P. 2012

Patterns of Shadows : Pip Dickens
Dickens, P. 2012

Shibusa - Extracting Beauty
Adkins, M., Dickens, P. 2012 Huddersfield : University of Huddersfield Press. 144 p. ISBN: 9781862181014.

Solo Touring Exhibition Curator/Artist Case Study: Case Study for the Touring Exhibitions Group official publication 'EXCHANGE'
Dickens, P., Kielty, S. 2012 In: Exchange - The offical journal of the Touring Exhibitions Group. Spring 2012, p. 8-10. 3 p.
Journal article

Colour in Art
Dickens, P. 2011

Hajime - The Beginning
Dickens, P., Adkins, M. 2011

Toward the Light by Pip Dickens
Dickens, P. 2010