Study for a Masters

Studying for a Masters degree is a challenging but rewarding experience.

You may have developed a particular interest in a certain subject area while completing your undergraduate studies, which you wish to pursue further at a more advanced level. Or – as postgraduate study does not need to be firmly tied to the field of your undergraduate degree - you may want to explore a new discipline or an interdisciplinary area at the interface of several disciplines.

You may wish to sharpen your research skills before tackling an ambitious PhD topic. Perhaps you wish to develop your professional expertise through a specialised vocational programme or maybe you wish ultimately to undertake PhD study and would like to develop your research skills first.

One of the distinctive features of the Faculty’s research and teaching culture is its emphasis on interdisciplinarity. This is reflected in the range of postgraduate degree schemes on offer at MA and MRes level. The departments in the Faculty offer more than 60 masters programmes, which may be undertaken on a full or part-time basis.

These courses are complete in themselves, but may also be used as a valuable stepping stone to PhD study.

Many departments offer MRes schemes accredited by the ERSC as part of its "1+3" funding scheme and a number of departments also offer more vocational MA courses, for example in Creative Writing.

For details on the various programmes offered in our Faculty, please visit the individual departments' web pages: