Research Training Programme Modules

The RTP consists of modules and short courses on research methods, theories and philosophies of the social sciences and humanities, thesis writing and other generic skills relevant to PhD study.

The following modules are scheduled to run in 2020-21. Please note all modules in 2020-21 will be taught online.

For module details please see the ‌‌.

Information contained on the website with respect to modules is correct at the time of publication, but changes may be necessary, for example as a result of student feedback, Professional Statutory and Regulatory Bodies' (PSRB) requirements, staff changes, and new research.

This list of modules is subject to change each year and, therefore, is offered as a snapshot of some of our current modules rather than as an indication of what will be running in future years. In any academic year, the modules offered may therefore differ from those presented here.

FASS501 Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences new research student induction session
FASS502 Introduction to the Library and Literature Searching
FASS506 Designing, Undertaking and Surviving Doctoral Research
FASS507d Introduction to the Philosophy of the Social Sciences
FASS508d Quantitative Research Methods 1 (distance learning)
FASS510 Qualitative Research Methods
FASS512d Quantitative Research Methods 2 (distance learning )
FASS513 Approaches to Qualitative Analysis: A Workshop for Second and Third Year PGRs
FASS516d Thesis Writing (First Year Students only) (distance learning)
FASS517 Discourse Analysis
FASS519d Presenting Conference Papers (distance learning)
FASS521d Writing for Publication (Second/Third/Final Year Students only) (distance learning)
FASS522 Ethics Approval: How to Write a Successful Application to the Research Ethics Committee
FASS604 The Analysis of Culture
FASS618 The PhD Viva: Tragedy or Triumph? (Final Year Students only)
FASS619d Advanced Thesis Writing (Second Year Students): Refocusing the Thesis (distance learning)
FASS620d Advanced Thesis Writing (Final Year Students only): Towards Completion (distance learning)
FASS625 Ethics in Arts and Social Science Research - a self-learning resource
FASS626 Feminist Literary and Cultural Theory
FASS627 Spatial Theory
FASS628 Interdisciplinarity
FASS629 Textual Practice
FASS634 Introduction to Engaging with Decision Makers in Government and Parliament
FASS637 Qualitative Research Interviews - Methods and Practice
FASS638d Qualitative Data Analysis with ATLAS.ti (distance learning)
FASS639d Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo 11 (distance learning)
FASS641 Career Planning for FASS PGR Students
FASS642A PhD Writing Groups (Second and Third Year Students only) – Cohort 1
FASS642B PhD Writing Groups (Second and Third Year Students only) – Cohort 2
FASS642C PhD Writing Groups (Second and Third Year Students only) – Cohort 3
FASS642D PhD Writing Groups (Second and Third Year Students only) – Cohort 4
FASS642E PhD Writing Groups (Second and Third Year Students only) – Cohort 5
FASS642F PhD Writing Groups (Second and Third Year Students only) – Cohort 6
FASS644D Participatory Research: Achieving Impact (distance Learning)
FASS645 Making Research Count: Engaging with Quantitative Data
FASS646 Critical Theory for Postgraduate Research
FASS647 Risky Research: Ethics, Reflexivity, and Risk
FASS649 Postcolonial Studies Across the Arts and Social Sciences
FASS651 Course Design and Quality Assurance in Higher Education