Enrolling on the RTP is a quick and straightforward process. Please make sure to register for any modules you wish to take, whether or not you intend to undertake assessment for them.

Registration will be done a term at a time, on the appropriate form for the term in question. Registration for Summer Term 2020 is now open.

There are just two simple steps to be taken.

  1. First discuss the courses in the RTP Modules Handbook with your supervisor(s), who will help you to assess your training needs.
  2. Second, simply complete the RTP Registration Form, save it as a Word document, and email it to

Please make sure to register for any modules you wish to take, whether or not you intend to undertake assessment for them.

Important note it is essential to register for those modules you wish to take and to deregister from any you decide you no longer wish to take. This helps us to prepare for modules (eg booking a suitably-sized room) and ensures that students who wish to take a module on which a quota is applied don’t miss out because other people accepted on to the module don’t turn up. It also means that students have access to online module materials for the appropriate modules, and that, if we need to contact students about a module, we are contacting all the correct people. In addition, students’ attendance at previous RTP modules will be taken into consideration when we are applying quotas to modules that are oversubscribed.

The majority of modules do not have a maximum quota, so we will register all students who apply for the module; those who fail to attend the first two sessions will subsequently be deregistered, as will those who fail to attend the majority of the module as a whole. The Modules Handbook includes information about the maximum quotas that will apply.

The convenors of many on-campus modules have agreed that the materials for their courses can be made available to distance learning students. If you would like access to these materials, please tick the relevant box in the ‘DL’ column on the form. This option will not be available where there is also a distance learning version of a module.

Notes on completing the registration form:

  • If a module is only available to students in specific years of study, you should only register for it if you are in the correct year.
  • If a module is offered both by attendance and by distance learning, you should register either to attend it or to take it by distance learning, not both. Please note that the distance learning modules are provided for part-time and away students in the first instance, and they will be given precedence on these modules. This applies to:
    • FASS507 / FASS507d
    • FASS508 / FASS508d
    • FASS512 / FASS512d
    • FASS516d / FASS516M / FASS516L
    • FASS519 / FASS519d
    • FASS521 / FASS521d
    • FASS522M / FASS522L / FASS625
    • FASS619 / FASS619d
    • FASS620 / FASS620d
    • FASS644 / FASS644d
  • If a module has two or more cohorts, you should only register for one of these. The same content is repeated in each cohort. This applies to:
    • FASS506M / FASS506L
    • FASS516M / FASS516L
    • FASS522M / FASS522L
    • FASS637 / the interviewing sessions of FASS510
    • FASS642A / FASS642B / FASS642C / FASS642D / FASS642E / FASS642F
  • If you have taken a module once, you will not be able to repeat it in a later year.

If you wish to withdraw from a particular module, or if you are unable to attend one or more individual sessions of a module on which you have registered, please email fass‑ to let us know.