Postgraduate Conference Presentation Grant

This Fund provides financial support for PhD students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Lancaster University who are giving papers at conferences, both in the UK and overseas.

This fund is now closed for 2018-19 as the budget has been exhausted. The scheme for 2019-20 will open on 1 August 2019. If your conference is taking place in August, please contact Basil Germond.

Please ensure you use the current year’s form, as this has changed from previous years. 

Application Procedure

The Postgraduate Conference Presentation Grant is to assist FASS postgraduates not funded by the ESRC to attend conferences at which they are presenting papers. A total of £30,000 was available for 2018-19. Postgraduate research students can apply for two conferences per annum. There is a limit of £250 per award for UK conferences, £400 for conferences in Europe, and £500 for conferences in the rest of the world.

Please bear in mind the following procedural points:

  • Applications must be submitted on the form FASS PCPG 18-19 prior to the conference taking place.
  • When completing the application form, please convert all costs into pounds sterling.
  • The application form must be returned electronically by your Supervisor to
  • Forms can be submitted at any time of year and decisions will be notified on an on-going basis while there are funds available. If the conference takes place after 31 July 2019 then no decision will be notified until funding for 2019-20 is known
  • Please remember to observe the rules on reimbursement and receipts outlined in the Notes on FASS PCPG 18-19
  • Please do not attach any receipts to this form - if your application is approved you will be informed how to claim any money awarded to you, and you will need your receipts to do so.
  • If you are awarded funds please submit your claim for reimbursement immediately after you travel. You should contact if the conference takes place in July and you are unable to submit a claim by 31 July 2019.

and the following guidelines:

  • The fund is restricted to conference travel – as opposed to other expenses incurred during research.
  • Applicants are required to be presenting papers, not merely attending the conference.
  • Applicants in receipt of an ESRC studentship are not eligible. Applicants in receipt of other funding which covers research expenses should provide details on the application form.
  • Only research students in years 1-4 and part-time research students in years 1-8 are eligible.
  • Normally the Faculty will not fund more than two conferences per annum (ie 1 August to 31 July) - there is a limit of £250 per award for UK conferences, £400 for conferences in Europe, and £500 for conferences in the rest of the world.
  • The Faculty will only cover the cost of the most economical mode of transport. Car mileage will only be paid in exceptional circumstances.

Further information and enquiries

If you have any enquiries about this fund, please contact

Charlotte Baker
August 2018