Careers and employability

We are committed to producing articulate, reflective and industrious graduates who have excellent subject knowledge, a broad range of transferable skills and an awareness of the needs of employers.

We encourage our students to begin thinking about their career goals during their first year at Lancaster and seek to provide them with the necessary support throughout their studies to enable them to approach life after University with confidence.


FASS has a Course Specific Modules dedicated team of careers consultants who work in partnership with our departments to offer advice, support and experience opportunities relevant to the current stage of students' developing career plans and academic study. This is further developed by a Faculty placements officer and by specialised departmental level support.

The Faculty works closely with Careers to help students gain the skills, experience and expertise employers are looking for.

Work Experience

Undertaking a work placement really helps students to gain experience that will be valuable in the increasingly competitive job market. We provide students with a number of opportunities to undertake a work placement both as part of and outside of their course. Many of the departments offer modules that include work placements, or provide students with the chance to apply skills in the workplace and we also offer work placement opportunities through the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Placement Scheme.

Lancaster Award

At Lancaster we value the academic achievements of our students, but also recognise the importance of those activities students engage with outside of their programmes of study. The Lancaster Award is a non-academic, non-crediting bearing certificate developed in partnership with employers to help students make the most of their time at Lancaster and to demonstrate the skills they have developed along the way.

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