Activities for Students

Through our schools outreach activities with students, we aim to help inform students’ decision making on subject choice. We offer subject experience led events for those interested in the study of an Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences subjects at university. The teaching style used in any experience session deliberately mirrors what they would experience at a university. This is often done through a combination of lecture, discussion, and sometimes practical activities:

The subject areas:

Art (Fine), Creative Writing, Criminology, Design, English Language, Linguistics, English Literature, Film, History, Languages (French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese), Law, Media and Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Politics and International Relations, Religious Studies, Sociology, Social Work and Theatre.

If you wish to join the mailing list for subject led activities relating to the above areas, please email Jane Purcell,

Upcoming Events

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Day at Lancaster University (Year 12) – Friday 29 June 2018

This day gives students attending the opportunity to sample a number of different arts, humanities or social sciences based subjects in one day. In can be particularly useful for those struggling to decide between a number of subjects as well as a useful confidence booster for those who already have clear plans. If you wish to bring a group of year 12 students to this day, please do get in touch with Helen Maddison

Outgoing Visits to Schools

Our academics can offer ‘in school’ subject taster sessions to appropriate groups of students. These can either be research-led or can be used to compliment a piece of your curriculum. If you are interested in organising a session in partnership, please do get in touch to find out more, contact Jane Purcell

Activities for Teachers

A number of subject areas in the faculty now offer teacher inset days where subject knowledge can be shared in both directions. If you are interested in participating in an Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences based subject inset day at Lancaster University, please get in touch with Jane Purcell